Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ruby Wing Sweet Fantasy Collection

Spring is here bringing all the pretty polish with it!  Ruby Wing has released their newest color changing collection for spring with the Sweet Fantasy collection.  This collection has an equal split between some big chunky glitters, cremes and shimmer polishes.  
In Your Dreams is a baby blue creme indoors.  The application was great and gave full coverage in two coats.  In direct sunlight the baby blue darkens to bluish-greige.  This shade is great for business or work since it has nice neutral shades and a gorgeous pastel shade indoors perfect for the coming season.
Here is where I started having some issues.  Centerfold is a pink jelly base with large silver hex glitters, small silver glitters and huge black hex glitters.  I don't think I've ever seen such large hexs before.  The jelly base was nice and intensified in color as you layer.  The problem I had with this polish was the glitters.  There was some pretty bad curling with the silver glitters.  You can actually see the it in the light reflecting off of the silver glitters in both the outdoor and indoor shot.  Another problem I had was the glitters clinging to one another.  When you are trying to spread thin layers of polish it is difficult when you have a stack of three glitters clinging together that won't separate!  Outdoors Centerfold changes to a deep purple.  While I love the color change, I just can't get past the curling difficult glitters and because of that, wouldn't recommend this shade.
Silk Sheets is a peachy shimmer full of gold!  This shade is one of the gentlest color shifts of the season.  In sunlight the peach turns to a yellow-orange.  The coverage was great and the golden shimmer is really beautiful in the sunlight!
Dolled Up is a sheer nude base with all the primary colors in glitter.  There are medium blue, yellow and red hexs with small red glitters throughout.  In the sun the base turns a muted red.  and hides the red glitters so the blue and yellow ones really pop out.  Unfortunately, like Centerfold, these glitters curl like crazy!  You can easily see the curled bowl shape of the glitters in both images.  The corner of the glitter caught on things and refused to lay flat.  Happily, this completes the glitter shades in this collection.
Kitten Heels is a fuchsia creme with great coverage at two coats.  This shade is super bright and hot!  In sunlight it becomes a coral red/pink.  
My all time favorite from this collection has to be Deepest Desire!  This metallic mossy green is a tiny bit streaky but that is where the complaints end!  The gold metallic in this shade is bright and reflective.  I'm not much of a green girl but that's okay because in sunlight this shade has a drastic change to a golden chocolate.  I want to wear this around Easter.  For some reason it reminds me of Easter Baskets.  

These Ruby Wings are available for $10 a bottle.  My favorites are Deepest Desire, Kitten Heels, Silk Sheets and In Your Dreams.  I'd skip the glitters shades, Dolled Up and Centerfold because of the curling glitter.  If Ruby Wing reformulates the glitter shades I'd love to try them again.  What do you think of Ruby Wings Sweet Fantasy Collection?