Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stitch Fix May 2014

You may have noticed some fashion posts on my blog more and more. Well, I'm officially labeling myself a nail art, fashion and beauty blogger now. :)

This month marks my first fashion subscription! Through a discount on Klout I signed up for my first month on Stitch Fix to see what I thought.
Stitch Fix works by sending you a monthly box specially picked for you by Stitch Fix stylists. The stylists are actual people! Not a computer system or algorithm, an actual person. You can tell your friends that you have your own personal stylist now. 

Each box contains five items. Unlike other subscription services you do not need to keep everything. You can try everything on then pick and choose what you would like to keep or what you would like to send back. Included in your order is a return baggie already pre-addressed with a return label. When you sign up you will pay a $20 styling fee which goes towards your purchase that month. You can choose to get one box as a one time thing or sign up for a subscription service where you will receive a Stitch Fix every four weeks. Since May is a long month there will actually be two Fixes this month. 

Going to a special event this Summer? Let Stitch Fix know and they will put your box together focused on special occasions! Looking for work wear? They'll focus on sending you office savvy outfits. As you take on more and more boxes your stylist will get a better feeling for what kind of fashion is a do and don't for you. Your boxes will only get better!

I found that the styling quiz was insanely detailed but, once I got my box I found that it really paid off! I really liked the majority of my items. Let see what I got:

Pixley Necklace:
This necklace is a gold toned (I requested gold!), collar necklace that has a scale print on the tri-panels. Typically I hate anything animal print, including scales. However, when I put this one I really loved it! This necklace seemed to be made out of a coated resin or possibly plastic and was definitely not real metal. If this was anywhere under $20 I would have kept it but for $48 I had to pass due to the quality.

Status: Returned

41Hawthorn Sugar Dot PrintFit & Flare Dress:
I am a dress fiend. Even in this past cold, snowy winter I was whipping out the dresses and skirts left and right. If I had the money and choice I would wear dresses every day. This dress is a smooth, silky navy material with small white polka dots on a fit and flare skirt. The top has two pleats at the neckline. They actually reach all the way down the top but because I'm quite busty I stretched them out a bit. The back has a small zipper that ends at a cut out. The top fastens with a cute little polka dot button. This is exactly my dream style. Classic and glamorous, I feel like Audrey Hepburn's bigger chested cousin. It's long enough to wear out on a date or to work hitting me right at the top of the knee.

Status: Kept! 

41Hawthorn Sleeveless Blouse: 
Most of my items in this box were grey or black. This is perfect for me since I tend not to dress too colorfully. It's the New Yorker in me :P. I did request blues, reds and teals as my favorite shades. This teal sleeveless blouse has a deep plunge in the front with two pockets on each breast. The buttons are rimmed in gold! I requested work garments and I got it! This blouse will be great to wear loose over a pair of jean shorts with flats or It's great to wear tucked into a high waisted work skirt. 

Status: Kept!

41Hawthorne Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse:  
I am actually wearing this blouse right now. This blouse is a sheer black material with a half button down front and a functional pocket on each breast. The shoulders have epaulets and a slight puffed sleeve. I love this style.

Status: Kept!

Asymmetrical Sweatshirt:

My last item was this asymmetrical sweatshirt. I loved the soft material but that was where this sweatshirt ended with me. I am a sucker for a good sweatshirt but the fit was strange with the cowl neck making me look like an old wrinkly turtle. The base of the sweatshirt is meant to be asymmetrical but it ends up just looking poorly made. The fit just looked strange on my body as well.  I'm hoping for some more sweatshirts in the future from Stitch Fix that I'll keep...but, I won't be keeping this one.

Status: returned

I had three really good finds this month! I kept both the sleeveless teal blouse and the black blouse as well as the polka dot dress. My returns were the cheaply made necklace and the asymmetrical sweatshirt.  Since I only paid for what I kept and I returned two items this box ran me $170. Should you love everything in the box Stitch Fix will give you a 25% discount and charge you a reduced price for all 5 items. 

I really love having my own stylist and I can't wait to see what my next box brings. I really hate shopping. It's such a long arduous process. Why shop when you can have someone shop for you?

Want to sign up for your own Stitch Fix? Simply click here and take the Stitch Fix styling quiz. You'll get your very own box of five items to keep or return.