About Me

Hi! My name is Casey but you may also know me by my Instagram name, DullLikeGlitter.  I'm a 25 year old polish addict not looking to check into recovery anytime soon.  I currently live in NYC where I work by day in advertising and by night blogging!

My initiation into the cult of all things polish began in November of 2011 and now I'm obsessed!  I do my nails almost daily and I'm always trying out new techniques and strategies to create the most unique, awesome nails around.  I created this blog because of the great feedback I got from my Instagram followers (you can find me @dulllikeglitter).  I thought that those without access to the Instagram app would enjoy seeing my nail designs as well.

My specialty in nails is freehand painting.  I am very skilled at painting tiny details and and scenes.  Before November 2011 I never painted my nails and wasn't interested in it so I started as a complete newbie.  I've come a long way!

While I am all about polish I've also become interested in fashion and beauty.  Some of my posts will highlight on fashion and beauty products I've come to love or trends in those communities.

For any questions, comments or business inquiries please feel free to reach me at dulllikeglitter@gmail.com

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