Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saran Wrap Nails Tutorial

Saran wrap nails are a fun and easy nail design to get at home.  Using the right colors you can really get a powerful look.

For my saran wrap nails I used a neon orange and bright blue since they are complementary colors.  Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and when next to each other really pop.  Yellow and purple are also complementary as are green and red but you might want to leave that last one out since it will come out looking Christmas-y.

To start this design paint your lighter color of the two as your base.  We want the lighter color to go on first so that we get the most accurate color possible.  I used China Glazes Orange Knockout here.

Next cut a strip of saran wrap from your kitchen!  This is usually used to wrap and preserve food and any brand will do.  Crinkle up the saran wrap into a little ball so you have lots of crinkles in it.  You may want to do this a few times so you have multiple saran wrap balls.  Three or four should do it.

Over your base paint a contrasting color.  I used Juleps Claire.  Start out with your thumb and as soon as the nail polish is on, blot the saran wrap over the nail a few times.  The saran wrap (also known as cling wrap) will cling to the wet polish and pull sections away.  Go one nail at a time so the polish stays wet.  Your first saran wrap ball may get full of nail polish so you can switch to one of the other balls you made earlier.

You should have an interesting mottled pattern left behind now!  If you used complementary colors they will really pop and look more three dimensional.  After the top color has dried use a clear or top coat so seal your design in and protect it.

All done!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zoya's Pinterest Trio

I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of Zoyas Pinterest Trio giveaway!  They sent me a cute little box of Zuza, Myrta and Kimber.  All these polishes are from Zoyas new summer 2012 collection.
Zuza is my absolute favorite.  This blue shimmer formula applied beautifully and went on opaque in two easy coats.  The best thing about Zoya is that they are vegan and animal friendly! No animal testing for these polishes.

Next is Myrta.  This polish was a little more translucent than Zuza.  You can still see through to the nail tip after two coats but the formula was wonderful once again! The orange shimmer is really beautiful and I have a feeling I'll be sporting this come the fall.
Finally we have Kimber!  This hot pink is full of wonderful shimmer and pop for the summer.  The colors really fit well together as a collection.

This was my first time trying Zoya and now I want more!  I love supporting companies that are conscious about their business practices too.  Zoya is always careful not to include known harmful chemicals in their polishes.

I highly suggest trying out any of Zoyas summer collection if you can get your paws on it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

OPIs Just Spotted the Lizard!

Swatch time! Boyfriend was awesome and spoiled me rotten with some polishes I've been dying for. One of which was a mini collection of OPIs Spiderman Collection.  He got me a whole pile of fun new polishes though.

I swatched OPIs Just Spotted the Lizard first!  This polish is what we like to call a duochrome. It's got two different shimmery metallic colors in one! The polish mostly looks gold but in the right angle appears a glossy green. It's like a rainbow of evil, spidery-villain goodness.

I love this color and highly suggest it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Feather Nails

I received my beautiful June Julep box yesterday and am in love with this sky blue creme color named Claire!  I decided to spice up the blue with a feather on the accent finger.  To get this look for yourself its very easy!

You will need: Your base color polish, clear polish, craft feathers and a nail scissor.  

1. Paint your nail a base color.  The color can be neutral or white if you want the feather to stick out more.
2. Coat the nail you would like the feather on with clear polish and while it is still wet press the tip of a craft feather onto the nail.  Craft feathers can be found at stores like Michaels, Wal Mart or Target in the craft section.  

3. With your nail scissor, trim the excess feather off.  Finally coat the feather with a clear top coat to seal it in.  

All done! You should have a beautiful and complex manicure that is easy to do at home.

For some variations try using real pheasant or peacock feathers, try sticking the feathers on in different directions or do a feather on every nail.