Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hair Craft Studio by Ray

A while ago I got to meet the talented master hair stylist, Ray Guh. When he asked me to swing by his new studio to sit for him as a model how could I say no?


First, some background. I don't get my hair done very often. I probably hadn't gotten it touched in over a year. I've never had it professionally dyed and I was ready for a change! I have always been obsessed with a long A-line cut after I saw the terrible movie Doomsday featuring Rhona Mitra. In the movie she sports a very high in back, long in front, wavy A-line. 

I gave Ray a little idea of what I was looking for and he went to work!

First went the length. I haven't had medium length hair since I was a kid!

Bye bye luscious locks.

After a quick cut, Ray went to work hand painting individual sections of my hair for a soft balayage to add some dimension to my hair. I also know I'm not into getting my hair done all that frequently so a coloring that was natural on top and becomes lighter on the bottom is a great option for me as it grows out.

Ray's private studio has everything! It's set up intimately to take one customer at a time and has absolutely everything that a larger salon would have. Ray told me he wanted 100% off his attention to be on each customer when they're with him, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a busy salon working on getting out out of the chair as quickly as possible.

The studio is lovingly decorated. There is a funky metallic deer skull hanging from one wall and some zebra striped lounge chairs if you bring a posse. 

What's a cut and dye without a style! I first met Ray when he was styling hair for an event and he does gorgeous work! I'm planning to wear this A-line cut with loose waves.

First look and I'm obviously pleased. :)

The final look is exactly what I wanted! I've got a soft fade to lighter ends, but nothing noticeably fake or artificial. The cut is long in the front and a bit shorter in back. The waves look so good! This length gives my hair a lot more volume. 

Are you in NYC? Stop by Hair Craft Studio by Ray at 167 W 21st St. He's even running a pretty amazing voucher of $150 to his studio when you pay $100. 

What do you think of my new do?