Monday, February 3, 2014

Fickle Fairy Potions

Today I'm trying out Fickle Fairy Potions.  Fickle Fairy is made by Tonya (IG: @rainey_day_nails) who puts love and care into these hand crafted polishes.  She was kind enough to send me these three polishes to review.

Foxy Lady is a beautiful violet crelly.  Crelly is a mix between cream and jelly meaning you can have a sheer look with one coat and build it as you go.  I used three coats.  The coverage was fantastic and color has a nice shiny finish to it.  I found Fickle Fairy Potion's to be a bit more viscous than other polishes but it didn't impede my polishing at all, it was just a bit easier to pick up the product and cover my nail in one swipe.

Time for me to complain a little, fasten your seat belts.  I have seen indie polish makers create every type of polish known to man from thermals to glitters to creams.  One type of polish I have not seen much of from indie makers are mattes.  I was so pleased to see that Sinfully Sweet dried with a pretty matte finish! Indie mattes are definitely a niche that has not been filled. With Sinfully Sweet I did notice that it did not harden quickly like other polishes.  I was still able to dent this polish a few hours after application.  The color is full coverage and a dusty red that looks great on me.

You Fashizzle my Nizzle is a pink jelly with lots of different glitters throughout in green, blue and purple.  I was able to paint this with one coat for a very thin pink and build it up to a more robust pink shade.  Because I've found Fickle Fairy to be a bit more sticky I was able to get all types of glitter in every dip into the bottle!  There's nothing I hate more than not being able to pick up glitter.  

You can find Fickle Fairy Potions here.  Order any two items in her shop and use the code 'loveme15' to get 15% off and a free mini surprise in celebration of Valentine's Day!

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