Friday, June 7, 2013

More Born Pretty Store

I am obsessed with the studs I got from Born Pretty Store.  So much that I can't stop using them.  Seriously, I keep trying to do nails without studs but then I think, "oh my gosh, how good would this look like with studs?" and the battle is lost.

These nails were created using Zoya Raven on the double accent fingers, OPI Matte Top Coat and studs from my Born Pretty Store stud wheel.  The two outer fingers were done using Incoco Nail Appliques in Venetian Lace.  The inspiration behind the look was leather and lace.  Feminine paired with a little bit of bad always makes me tingle.  

This mani is not what I was imagining at the time.  I wanted to do a saran wrap mani with three colors in a pastel spring look.  I used Julep Hayden, Zoya Blue and Butter London Jasper.  The yellow kind of got lost amongst the brightness of Julep Haydens orange though.  I tried doing a regular tribal on this one but when I was done my brain just found places to put studs!  I couldn't even stop it if I tried.  I think I'm just going to give into the studs.  They want to be studded into my brain.  

You can still get 10% off at Born Pretty Store when you use the code DLLW10 on their website.  It will work on the whole store site wide. :)

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