Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Luscious Potion Nail Polish

Luscious Potion Nail Polish is back with an absolutely gorgeous summer collection!  This collection consists of some beautiful metallic glitter polishes and a handful of very unique thermals.

Vivid Flower is a soft metallic violet base with orange hex, purple glitter and teal sparkle glitter.  It dries a little more frosty than shows but I decided to top it with a top coat.  The orange hex glitters do not curl as they may appear to but have a reflective bar in the middle to give the glitter a really nice dimension!  I used three coats to get a full opaque look. 

Another soft metallic, Herbal Green is a pastel green base with green glitter, small matte pink squares and small red hexs.  The frosty finish is refreshing on this one.  I used three coats for coverage and I can still see the tiniest bit of my nail line.

Modest Stream has all my favorite blues in it!  The base for this is a metallic blue with turquoise glitters.  They work together to give the nail dimension and movement.  Three coats became opaque for me.  The formulas on the metallics were very nice and I had no problems apply.  

Sunshine Orchard is a thermal color changing holo polish.  It is a burnt orange when cool that is the slightest bit sheer.  In warm temperatures this polish changes to a sunny yellow.  The holo effect of these polishes is gorgeous!  It really only shows through on the top pointer finger but they are so glittery and gorgeous regardless of which color is being shown.  This thermal was the slightest bit streaky.  I used three coats for coverage.  When orange I could still see some slight streaking on the tip of the nail. This dries matte but I added a top coat to get it nice and glossy.

Vanishing Petals is such a unique polish.  This thermal is a bright opaque fuchsia pink when cool.  In warmth the polish turns sheer and becomes more of a white hue.  This is such a fun color changer. This formula on this was fantastic!  I used three coats for opacity when it was cool and I applied.  This polish is matte when dried but I like to use top coats on my thermals because it slows down the color changing slightly.  It's more entertaining for me to watch ;). 

Mmm, how to explain Sky Meadow.  This color changer is a deep blue holo when cold.  In warmth it turns into a summer green shade.  The color change on this is astounding.  Each color is so different.  Both colors stayed nice and opaque with three coats.  Again, this is a matte when dry but I used a top coat to seal in all the thermal goodness.  Formula was beautiful for this one.

I saved one of my favorites for last! Blooming Dreams is a zinger.  This is a deep purple when cold and a hot pink when it is warm.  This dries matte as with the others but I used a top coat.  This one was deliciously opaque with both colors and the holo really complimented the shades. The formula was lovely.  

Overall, this is a beautiful summertime addition to anyones fingers! My favorites were Blooming Dreams, Sky Meadow, Vanishing Petals, Modest Stream and Vivid Flower.  Herbal Green and Sunshine Orchard were nice polishes as well but slightly sheer.  This can be fun if you are looking to layer though!  The holos all have a good amount of holo shine and pigment.  

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