Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rugrats Nails

I'm very excited with my most recent design!  A few nights ago I was channel surfing and Nick and Night was playing Rugrats in Paris.  I was born in the 80's and I was a 90's kid so I love the Rugrats!  I decided to do a design featured off the show.  I'll show you a bit of my artistic process here.

I started with a base coat of Julep Donna, a deep teal color creme.  It matched the blueish colored rug in the opening scene of the show.

After Donna was dry I dipped into my paints and painted white outlines to my figures.  The white base will make the detail colors show up bright and more accurate.  I went with the Rugrats design on my thumb, Tommy on my pointer, Chuckie on my middle, Angelica on my ring and Spike on my pinky.

After layering the white I went over with the largest colors used in each character.  The rugrats were skintone, hair and shirt color, spike was brown for fur and the logo was a light purple.  I went through and added my black outlines then filled in the little details and colors there.  In a few places I had to go back through and touch up any little error or out of place colors.

And voila!  Only two and  a half hours and I'm done.

I finished up with Butter Londons Matte Top Coat to make the design look more 2-D and cartoon-y.


  1. thats funny! :) the same exact thing happened to me. surfing the channels i found it on too!! lol didnt do nail art and glad bc yours turned out amazing!!! great job :D this was my all time favorite show as a child, it would come on as soon as i got home from school, may explain why i never did home work haha..