Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lovely Lacquer

Today I have some gorgeous polishes from Lovely Lacquer.  And oh man, do these live up to the name of lovely!  Lauren sent me five of her polishes to swatch and review.  I got four from her Fairytale Collection and one of her staple polishes.

Stick Figures is a clear based glitter topper with black and teal hex glitters and white bar glitters.  I love the black and white with a pop of color.  One thing I've noticed that is killer about these polishes is the formula!  I let this polish sit for awhile and when I went to reuse it I didn't even need to shake it up and I never had to fish for glitters.  For this mani I used Essie Sand Tropez as the nude base and an accent of Butter London Thames to set off the teal glitters.  

Macros of Stick Figures on the nail and a bottle shot showing all those beauteous glitters.  Now onto the Fairytale Collection!  This collection is inspired by different Disney movies and each has a color combo that brings each fairy tale to life!

Let Your Hair down is an opaque purple based creamy polish filled with textured pink square glitters, small gold holographic hex glitters and even smaller grape purple hex glitters.  I have never seen such a full color, full coverage based polish with glitters like this in it before!  The base isn't sheer at all but you can still see the glitters peeking through.  It is a very cool look and something you've got to experience if you've never tried a polish like this before.  

This macro shows Let Your Hair down on it's own without a top coat on the nail and in the bottle.  The polish is slightly textured on the nail but smooths right out when you apply a top coat.  On the full hand swatch a top coat was used and the nails look and felt smooth.  This is a definite collection winner for me!

Now we'll go back to clear based glitters for Fairest of Them All.  This glitter is inspired by Snow Whites princess dress she wears in the movie and it goes together wonderfully.  There are large and medium yellow hex glitters that match her skirt, large and medium red hex glitters to match her accents and medium and large blue hex glitters to match the top portion of her dress.  Dispersed throughout are very small black hex glitters which represent her hair.  When you have red, yellow and blue together they are known as the primary colors and they always look fabulous together.  This polish is no exception!  I used Zoya Purity as a white base so these glitters could really show off and painted a mini Snow White on the accent finger so you could see the parallels to her outfit.  

This macro shows Fairest of Them All on the finger and in the bottle.  The bottle shot is probably one of my all time favorite macros I've ever taken.  The glitters all just float perfectly suspended and the colors just complement each other so well.  Another hit from the Fairytale Collection!

Back to those opaque based glitters I loved before!  This one is Mermaid Tale.  The creamy white base is opaque and hides away purple, teal and pink glitters.  The white base leaves a thin layer over the glitters turning them pastel and delicate.  This glitter is complex with pink shatter glitters, purple square glitters, large purple hex glitters and teal medium hex glitters.  

This macro of Mermaid Tale shows the density and complexity of the glitters as well as that pastel look that you get from the white layered over the colors.  The macro shows Mermaid Tale without a top coat while the full hand swatch does have a top coat.  This polish was a little more bumpy than Let Your Hair Down.  The top coat helped to smooth it out.  This polish is like no other polish out there and I highly recommend trying it!  Glitter polishes with opaque bases are hard to come by.

Finally we come to the last polish in my review Oops, I Overslept.  This polish has its inspiration rooted in Sleeping Beauty.  This is a clear based polish with small light pink hex glitters, small light pink squares, small deep pink textured hex glitters and small deep pink textured square glitters.  Dispersed throughout is a fine silver holographic glitter that finishes the look perfectly.  For my swatch mani I used Zoya Purity for the white base, Ciate Strawberry Milkshake for the light pink chevron and OPI La Paz-itively Hot for the deep pink of the chevron.  Just like Lauren's other polishes with clear bases they go on smooth and I don't have to fish for glitters.  Even after a month of sitting without use there was no settling and the polish was ready to go.  

This macro of Oops, I Overslept shows how well these pinks go together and really shows the holographic shine of the small silver glitters in the bottle shot.  I didn't think I was going to like this polish at first because I'm not much of a pink girl but this glitter may convert me!

Overall I have no negative feedback for any of theses five polishes from Lovely Lacquer! Usually I have a few favorites or a few helpful suggestions but all of these are on par. The formulas were incredibly well mixed and the color combinations of the glitter were unique and gorgeously combined.  Definitely try out Mermaid Tale and Let Your Hair Down to see these gorgeous opaque bases with glitters in them and I highly suggest her clear based polishes too.  You can find her shop at shoplovelylacquer.com, on facebook and on instagram @LovelyLacquer.

Please note this polish was sent for review and is based on my honest, individual opinion.


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