Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Panty Box: Round 2

I received my second package from MyPantyBox today!
To see my first package take a look at my post here.  There's also an unboxing video so you can see what the packages look like.

Last month I loved what I got.  This month I got lacy fuchsia boy shorts!  They have silver trim throughout.

The package came in a discret white envelope from Spain with no markings other than that it came from Madrid.  They also included a folded over letter (the larger insert). This one just says 'Enjoy your panty box!'.  If you send these as a gift you can include your own personal message inside.  The other is a small guide. You can choose 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions and include your preference of fabrics and colors as well as if you prefer panties, thongs, culottes or mixes of these!  One of my favorite things about MyPantyBox is they ship WORLDWIDE.  I have quite a few subscription services but this is the only one I am aware of that will ship anywhere in the world.  

All of their items are handmade specifically for them!  You can't find these anywhere else.  They have sizes all the way from XS-4XL.  I'm a medium and the sizing has been spot on both times so far.

I've loved what I've gotten so far.  I told them I loveeee lace and they have send me lace items every time so far!  This and last months have both been stretchy and comfortable.  I have one month left and I can't wait to see what comes next.  I think boyfriend is going to get me some more subscriptions after this :).  He benefits more than I do.

Check them out here for more info.


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