Saturday, December 1, 2012

Influenster College Voxbox 2012

I was lucky enough to be selected to receive Influensters College Voxbox!  They must like my blog ;).

There is a whole bunch of goodies in here!  I got NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner in black, Necco Tropical Wafers, Sheets Energy Strips in Mint Boost and Pentels RSVP fine blue pen.  I see how it's geared towards a college girls tastes!

The Tropical wafers were the first thing to go.  I woulddddd have taken some photos but they were gone.....within a half hour....I ate all of them.  So here is a picture from Neccos facebook page!

These wafers vary from the traditional flavors of lemonlimeorangeclovecinnamon,wintergreenlicorice, and chocolate.  These are a little more exotic!  Included in the tropical flavors are coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, lime, banana, and mango.  Necco wafers tend to be dry and powdery and they were crunch when you bit them but I found them enjoyable when you allowed them to melt on your tongue.  For a college student I found that the fat free flavorful bite sized wafers were great to carry around for a quick treat when you're on campus.

The energy strips from Sheets were easy to try!  These little sheets come in an almost cigarette like box that is easily portable.  

These may be one of my favorite products that came in the box!  Each box has 10 strips.  Two sheets gives you the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.  I took two in the morning before class and a few minutes later I felt a rush of energy!  I was surprised it worked so fast.  The flavor of the strips was both invigorating and breath freshening.  The suggestion that came to mind for these was the packaging. Each strip is individually packaged in these large foil wraps.  It seems like excess to me!  With such small strips it would be easy to cut out some of the waste. 

I was very surprised by NYC New York Colors Show Time Eyeliner!  

At first I was not looking forward to trying it that much.  I don't tend to buy eyeliner at the drugstore so I wasn't expecting it to be too amazing. However, when I applied it I was so pleased!  The liner went on very creamy and spread nicely.  The glitter is very small and doesn't draw too much attention.  I did a dramatic lengthening line around the eye to show it off.

While the original eye liner was creamy and pigmented it did fade quickly and does not have very strong staying power.  

The positive to this eyeliner being fadable is that you can use it to create a smokey eye look by blending or smudging the liner.  My favorite part about this liner is I always have trouble finding a pencil that will create a dark line on my lower water line for a perfectly lined look, Show Time applied deep and dark and clung to my water line perfectly!  Wonderful!

This was my not my first time using Broadway Nails Impress nails!  Before I got into nail art awhile ago I tried a set out myself.  This is Broadway Nails Impress in Hola! I love the design I got. they even come in these super cute boxes to hold the nails that look like mock bottles of polish!  I have seen plain solid colors and great prints from Broadway Nails.  The delicate lace design I have over a nude nail is gorgeous. 

The nail adhesive works great.  It is already applied directly to the nail so that all you have to do is pull off the protectant and apply by pressing firmly to a clean nail.  There are many sizes to choose from so you can find the best sizes to fit onto your fingers.  For a college student on the go these work great.  There is no dry time and I have an awesome look to my nails.  

For me however, these nails were too short!  My natural nails were longer than the press ons.  I asked my 13 year old sister to try them out for me.  She enjoyed them but said a few started falling off after a day or two.

I have also used Pentel pens before!  I got the RSVP fine in blue.  I love fine pens because of the exact line they give you.  The ink was very streamlined and clear.  It was easy to read and well put together so you don't have any exploding or leaking ink anywhere.  I whipped up this fun little doodle to show the different shading you can do with Pentels RSVP.

Altogether I felt that this box would be a great care package for any college student to receive.  My favorite items were the Sheets Energy Strips and the NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner.  The Tropical Necco wafers were delicious.  The nails are nice but I really would have liked if they were longer to try out myself.  Thanks for all the goodies Influenster!

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