Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Imperial Nail Lacquer - Monster Mash

Stupid Sandy is still messing with me!

I was sent a gorgeous indie polish from Imperial Nail Lacquer to review and it was delivered late to me, without power.  I am finally able to post this beauty!  Get ready for an extra Halloween celebration in November because it is time to do the Monster Mash!

Monster Mash may look like just a gorgeous clear glitter, full of green, purple and orange shards with purple hex glitters.....

But it is so much more!  Check out this surprise twist!

What a brilliant glow.  This polish is full of glow in the dark pigment!  The glowing base is translucent so you can layer it over other colors and still get a glow in the dark effect.

This polish is amazing on its own or would look great layered over any Halloween colors to celebrate or over a white to give the glitters some pop.

Glowing doesn't just have to be for Halloween either!  Glowing polish is great for going to parties where you know black lights will be there or concerts.  It will be that little extra detail that will really set you apart.

As always Imperial Nail Lacquer has a gorgeous formula and fantastic glitters that spread evenly and lay flat.  It is everything I could ask a glitter to be, plus it glows in the dark!

You can find Monster Mash on the Imperial Nail Lacquer Etsy page for $5.50 per mini, or order a full size for $9.  She has many other great, unique glitters and polishes on her page including Cupcake which I reviewed in the past here.  Another awesome polish from Imperial Nail Lacquer. <3

This polish was sent for review and is based on my individual, honest opinion!  Please note that glow in the dark pictures were taken using a black light to accurately portray the glow in the dark effect.

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