Thursday, November 15, 2012

Freak Show Polish: Circus Elephant, Mime, Cotton Candy and Fire Eater

I am so excited to bring you Freak Show Polish!  The wonderful Carissa sent me her entire current collection.  Since this is such a large collection and I took a lot of pictures this will be the first post of two.

I was instantly attracted to Circus Elephant.  Circus Elephant is a slightly translucent gray jelly base full of all colors and shapes of glitters.  There are even some gorgeous color shifting translucent glitters in there.  Here is Circus Elephant on its own in three coats to create a jelly sandwich effect.

The grey base really sets off the glitters in this and really does bring to mind a circus elephant dressed in  all its circus finery.  

See those color shifting translucent hexs I was talking about before now?  It adds a great extra oomph!

I wanted to try layering Circus Elephant too so I used a base coat of Essies Over the Top and coated it with two layers of Circus Elephant on top.  Gorgeous!

As you can see this is a polish that is wearable many ways.

Here is a macro bottle shot of this glitter.  You can really see the party of glitters perfectly!  Here is what Freak Show Polish has to say about Circus Elephant: "Circus Elephant is a grey jelly full of multi-colored shredded glitter and hexes. One of the first attractions that comes to mind when I think of the circus, this polish is meant to bring the circus to you."  A stampeding good time!

Next up from Freak Show Polish is Mime.  This polish is a translucent white base with varied white and black glitters plus those cute color shifting translucence too!  I like those glitters, it's like a little surprise that you only notice if you look very carefully.  This polish is total cookies and cream!  I really enjoy it on my own and it would look great layered over any light polish colors.

There are white hex glitters, bar glitters and squares and black hexs in multiple sizes.  If you look carefully you can see those translucent glitters as well.  Lovely!

I love this polish on its own, it really doesn't need the under colors at all.  Even in the bottle it looks very similar to how it will appear on the nail.  Here is what Freak Show Polish has to say about her creation: "The silent act of the circus is brought to life in this milky white jelly based polish jam packed full of white and black glitter in many shapes and sizes." You don't need to speak to see the beauty in this one.

For Cotton Candy I got a little creative.  I wanted to show off the blue and pink glitters with my own blue and pink water marbled nails.  I used Cotton Candy as the topper!  Cotton Candy has blue diamonds and large pink squares combined with square glitters and color shifting smaller hexes.  The base is clear so this is a great top glitter.  

Check out all these angular glitters.  I really like the look it gives to the glitter altogether and it really pulled my water marble together in the perfect way.

The macro of Cotton Candy shows the gorgeous pastel pink and blue angular glitters as well as those signature color shifting translucent and the pale squares.  Here is what Freak Show Polish has to say about Cotton Candy: "Light pink, white and baby blue squares are joined by baby blue diamonds and fine sparkly white hexes to create a glitter top coat designed to bring to mind the yummy circus treat, Cotton Candy."  Deliciously sweet!

Finally, for the first half of this collection, we have Fire Eater.  Fire eater is a clear based glitter full of red and gold.  The red glitters in this polish are really intense.  Being close to the holidays it instantly brought the holidays to mind.  I started with a layer of China Glaze Gaga for Green and topped it with only one coat of Fire Eater.  The glitter spreads evenly and at a great variety.  All of the Freak Show Polishes have that wonderful quality of spreading across the nail well while still delivering a good coverage of glitter.  The red glitters come in shatter, bars and hexes.  The gold is varied as well!

Gorgeous!!!!!!!  This glitter could be layered over ANYTHING.  It would look awesome over multipal colors and finishes or even in your classic jelly sandwich   

Unadulterated in the bottle, here is Fire Eater.  Here is what Freak Show Polish has to say about this one: "Fire Eater is a top coat polish packed full of fiery colors. It includes hexes, shreds, and slices in many shades of orange, yellow and red."  Burn baby burn!

I can't wait to finish the rest of this collection!  There are four more great shades.  Here is Freak Show Polishes site.  You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @freakshowpolish

This polish was sent for review and is based on my individual, honest opinion!

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