Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zoya for Rolando Santana at New York Fashion Week

Being at New York Fashion Week for the Winter/Fall 2015 season went by in a flash! Zoya was kind enough to have me backstage at a few shows to catch the nails for the runway. The Rolando Santana show was unique in their shades. Zoya custom mixed three satin shades just for the show!
Unfortunately, these shades aren't available for sale, so this is a special peek! If you absolutely love these shades and have to have them, let Zoya know. Your demand could bring them to a store near you. :)

Satins were all the rage at Fashion Week this season. Essie, Zoya, Julep, and many other polish brands are debuting these mixed finish shades that give a soft focus effect somewhere between matte and glossy.

Zoya - Constance
Constance is a forestry, moss green. I love that the satin finish adds to the earthy feel of this polish. 

Zoya - Dagmara
Dagmara is a soft, puce shade. This is very complementary to my skin tone! This may be my favorite from the trio. 

Zoya - Antoinette
Antoinette is a stunning, muted navy. I love the shade, but the formula was a bit thick. All of these satin shades had fantastic coverage and could have been one coaters, but I used two just for good measure. 

Since you are going to be seeing a lot of satins hitting the shelves for spring, you may be wondering how different they actually are compared to glossy and matte finishes. Here we have Constance with a glossy to coat on the pointer, a matte topper on the middle, and satin finish on the ring finger. 

Which finish is your favorite? Are you excited to try satins on your nails? 


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  2. They're doing a promo where you can get the trio free with a $25 purchase. Just enter promo code: NYFWT at checkout. 😊

  3. It looks like you've got Dagmara and Antoinette flipped. At least according to my bottles.

  4. I like the soft but durable look.

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