Tuesday, September 16, 2014

myNCLA Nail Wraps

NCLA has just launched a new app called myNCLA. On the app you can upload pictures from your library or take a picture in app. Anything you can take a photo of, myNCLA will print as nail wraps! 

I wanted to go for a bit of an artsy route so I used an image I took at The Color Run. 

This was taken right after we completed The Color Run. If you haven't ran The Color Run I highly suggest it!

After the nail wraps are printed they'll be shipped to you in this folder along with a file to trim off the excess nail wrap. 

NCLA suggests using a glossy top coat as a base before applying your wraps but, for extra strength I added a base coat. The wraps have a sticky side and are actually paper based. After applying the wraps with the size that fits best, seal everything in with a top coat and you're good to go. 

Each custom nail wrap sheet is printed with your name in the center!

The wraps on my nails look fantastic. It's a look that can't be replicated if I was doing these freehand. Yes, there are splatter nails but when you get up close you can actually see where each spot fades a bit into the shirt.

Have you downloaded the myNCLA app? What would you put on a set of custom nail wraps if you could choose?


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