Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Wantable Box 2014

This month I'm adding another subscription box to my monthly mail haul.  Wantable is a higher end subscription service that has three options: intimates, beauty or accessories.  

I of course went with beauty.  This box was sent my way for the purpose of review.  Wantable differs from other subscription services in that they are higher end.  They will include four to five full size products each month for $36 a month with a subscription (cancel or skip anytime) or you can purchase a one time box for $40.  The running of three separate options is very interesting and gives you a wide array of choices.  Unlike many other subscriptions, with Wantable if you don't like your box you can return it!  Finally, each box is super personalized.  As you sign up you can either love, like or dislike specific items and colors like eyeliner, blush, nail polish, brights, etc.  Wantable will never send you an item on your dislike list.  

First look inside is a receipt of the products that were included in my box this month as well as a list of my loves, likes and dislikes.  My loves are: fair (for my skin tone and coloring), brows and nail polish.  My likes are: eyeliner, blush, highlighter, lip color, eye shadow and tools.  My dislikes are lash products, bronzer and complexion products.  I don't want anything for my lashes because I have a billion mascaras to get through right now, bronzer I'm not interested in because I only ever use Nars Laguna and complexion products I'm not interested in since it's probably face masks and skin products. They even printed my Facebook profile photo on there! And they're calling me a knockout already, I may be in love. 

Sorme Get a Brow Gel in Fawn: $16.00 full size

I haven't heard of Sorme before, but this brow gel is tinted to my perfect shade.  I like my brows to match my hair color or to be slightly darker.  Wantable asks you about your personal coloration in the quiz as you sign up.  I've got brunette hair in the cooler months that highlights naturally like crazy in the sun so it will turn a dirty blonde in the warmer seasons.  Fawn is great for me all year round!  The gel will hold your brows in place as well as give them some overall color to make them a bit more robust or fill in gaps.  For a super clean look you can use a chisel brush to outline your brows once you've swiped the applicator through.

I used it to give myself some Brooke Shields brows.  I found the applicator to be terrible!  The brush is huge and fluffy picking up tons of product.  Swiping it through my brows without the brush trailing gel all over my forehead and eyelid was impossible.  The gel gives a strong hold.  You can feel a bit of stiffness on them when you're wearing it which I like, proves it's working.  I'll continue to use this product since I really liked it but I will be applying it with my own brushes instead of the wand. 

Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Matte Sand: $12.00 full size

Matte Sand is a light nude that reminds me of Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette.  I love mattes since they're work friendly and go with everything!  I use this exact shade on almost all off my eye looks as a base along the underside of my brow and then add a highlighter color for layering.  I was running low so this is a great addition to my makeup stash.  

NCLA Nail Wraps in Reflect Yourself: $16.00 full size

I have never tried NCLA's nail wraps before.  I do have a few polish bottles of theirs though.  I have always admired the trendy nail designs they have on their wraps.  I was pretty pleased when I saw these and tried them on that night.

Reflect yourself is a close up of all things shimmery, studded and glossy.  The patterns look like macros of different shimmery materials with pink reflected in them.  This is the only nail wrap I have ever tried that has suggested a clear base and topper over the wraps which I love.  I always like to have my OPI Nail Envy under anything on my nails to protect them.  I also love how these wraps don't have to be sealed.  Many wraps have a polish base that dries if they are left unsealed making the left over wraps unusable.  NCLA seems to use a paper like base as opposed to polish which means any unused wraps can be saved and used for a second application later on or you can cut the wraps into cute designs and use them as nail art enhancements over polish.

Check out my bling!  Applying was easy.  With the added clear top coat I feel like they are really sticking strongly to the nail and the edges are protected from coming up and peeling like other nail wraps I have tried in the past.  Honestly, I think I will be buying more of these.  Often times people expect me to have fancy nail art on whenever they see me.  Quick application nail wraps take some of the pressure off if I don't have the time to spend hours doing my own nail art and still want to impress.

Mia Bellezza blush in Captive: $16.50 full size

This product was a surprise!  My receipt for this months box states that I should have received a Color Club nail polish in Personal Stylist.  Upon inspection, no polish was found and instead I came upon this blush pan.  Maybe they ran out of polish at the last second and threw this in for me or perhaps there was a packing mistake?  The Color Club was valued at $8 and this blush is valued at $16 so I'm not complaining!

The color is a flushed peach with a golden glimmer to it.  Captive is a really great shade for me.  It gives my cheeks some color without being too bright or glittery.

Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush: $20.00 full size

I love my Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush so I can't really see myself switching to this Michael Marcus brush for foundation.  However, I can see this as a perfect brush for patting concealer on under my eyes or touching up blemishes before I slap on the foundation.  Looking at the price I was a little surprised that this one brush is worth $20 but when I felt the bristles made of super fine Taklon I can start to see the price point.  

I've never been so well matched in a subscription service before!  Every color perfectly matches my hair or pale complexion.  It's such a relief not having to give half of the products away because they are too warm or vampy and dark for my skin tone.  My total value of this $40 box was over $80!  Even a better value if you have a subscription for $36 each month.  Every product was full size.

If you love my Wantable box as much as I did you can click here to take the Wantable quiz for makeup, accessories, intimates or even all three!  Remember, you can always skip or cancel at no penalty and if you don't like your box you can return it.  Wantable will never send you products on your dislike list and in my experience they have been absolutely fantastic at matching products to my particular likes and color scheme.


  1. I've never tried Wantable before, but I've always been curious about it! I'm not much for makeup, but I do love accessories :)

    1. The accessories box looks so cool! This month I saw some really nice looking watches and earrings. I was considering getting the accessories box as well but I have a nickel allergy. :( I'm worried I'd get jewelry mixed with nickel and I wouldn't be able to use it.

  2. Wantable seems like a nice box but it's sooo out of my price range as a college student!

    1. The price point is definitely what I can see turning the most people off. When there are cheaper $10 subscription services Wantable may have some stiff competition. I'm keeping in mind asking for a single $40 box if I'm not sure what to ask for as a gift. :)