Friday, November 8, 2013

Lorac Little Lace Palette in Smolder

Looking haute with HuateLook!  Who doesn't love a good deal?  I love snagging premium brands at fractions of the price.  My haul today was a palette from Lorac...this is actually my first time trying Lorac but I'm pretty familiar with the brand.  My broke ass just usually can't afford it.   

Imagine my surprise when I saw a Lorac palette on Hautelook for just $12!  I snapped it up lickity split.
I have a love affair with lace.  If something has lace on it, I must have it.  I'm like a zombie, but instead of brains I survive on a diet of lace and will kill and/or rip people apart to get to it.  When I saw that the Lorac palettes available were exclusive Hautelook Little Lace Palettes in Smolder and Ravish I scooped up Smolder....had I had funds available I would have gotten Ravish too, but alas.  

Smolder is an adorably small palette with a maroon base.  The top panel is mirrored with a black lace overlay printed on top.  Ravish comes in the same case but has warmer toned shades. 

When I say small I mean small, like the size of my palm.

I still don't think you get how small so here it is next to an Essie bottle.

I immediately fell in love with the shades in Smolder.  There are nudes and grays with one deep royal purple.  All of them have shimmer or glitter except for a matte mauve-peach color.  My major dislike about this palette is that there are no names for these all.  No names online, on facebook, on Hautelook, on Lorac, on other blogs...nadda.  The crazy names are my favorite part!  So, I'm just going to give them my own names as to differentiate them for you, the reader.

Starting on the left we have; Sparklepuss, Glow Worm, Pow Pow Gunmetal, Invisopeach, Little Jack Horner, Warp Drive, Cocaine and Pringle…..I couldn't think of a name for that last one so Pringle, Pringle sounds right.

Sooo if you think I mauled myself and put my badly bruised self up on this post you are mistaken.  I'm still trying to learn how to take eyeshadow swatches and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet....sorry....I shouldn't have even posted this.  It's really bad.  Regardless, it's Sparklepuss through Warp Drive.

More proof of my horrible swatching!  This is actually Cocaine and Pringle.  Cocaine doesn't even show up here but it did slightly for my eyeshadow look below.  Pringle is more visible but this still isn't really accurate.  

I am getting pretty good at shadow though!  I managed to use all eight shades somehow in this look.  I used Cocaine on the tear duct, Glow Worm on the inner lid, Pow Pow Gunmetal on the middle lid, Warp Drive on the outer lid and up through the eye crease,  Invisopeach above the crease, Sparklepuss on the inner brow bone, Pringle on the outer brow bone and Little Jack Horner on the water line.  Also pictured is Urban Decays' 24/7 Eye Liner in Zero and Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara on my lashes.

I was pretty impressed by how beautifully blendable these shades were.  Cocaine and Invisopeach were a bit hard to see but all the other shades were strongly pigmented.  Little Jack Horner had to be my absolute favorite.  the color has a beautiful purple glow and went on in one brush stroke.  Glow Worm was another superlove.  The shimmer it pics up is opalescent and beautiful.  Aside from the two very sheer shades my other issue was some heavy fallout on the darker shades like Warp Speed and Pow Pow Gunmetal.  It was bad.  Like snowfall on my cheeks bad.

Overall for the price of this cute little palette and some really nice quality shades I'd rate this palette a B.  If Cocaine and Invisopeach were more pigmented and the fallout wasn't so heavy it'd be perfect.  

To sign up for Hautelook and get some great deals you can go here to get an account.  It's totally free to sign up.  Hautelook works by releasing limited time, super sales on some really nice products which you can snap up.  You'll have to be quick though!  Items are limited and sales only last a few days.  


  1. The eyeshadow looks beautiful on your eye! And the photos are great. I've heard people use tape over their arm for swatches (?) not quite sure how that works but you can figure it out ;)

  2. Wow this is a great post, thank you! I had no idea it was so tiny! I ordered Ravish and am impatiently waiting for it to arrive...

    1. I was surprised as well! It's still quite a good deal for the size so I don't mind.

  3. Great post.. I bought both of them, will get them this week. Can`t wait to try them.

    1. I can't wait to see some posts on Ravish. I'd definitely like to pick that one up as well.

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