Friday, August 23, 2013

Icing Fall Nail Polish

Icing has redone their polish!  You may know Icing from the mall.  They carry cute fashion accessories and beauty items, always in style and at a great price.  Icing was kind enough to send me some colors from their Fall New York Fashion Week collection.

 Everything arrived in a beautifully wrapped box!  Thanks Icing.

The colors are in new square bottles.  The square tops remove to reveal a round top underneath.  I was sent Oil Spill, Rustic Red, Sun of a Beach and Space Cadet.  

They also were kind enough to send me this adorable travel bag!  

It hangs down with four zipper containers and a pocked on the top.  The containers all fit together when wrapped to form an easy carrying case.  

Space cadet is a blue duo chrome shimmer that is mainly ocean blue with shimmer and turns violet at angles.  The formula was a bit thin but three coats gave me good coverage.   The brushes on these polishes are very large.  I was able to cover each nail in two swipes and used only one on my pinky.  The brush edges can be slightly frayed but I actually found them easy to work with because they held so much polish.

In the sunlight the shimmers become very bright and the purple is not as visible.

At an angle the purple shows up very strongly.

Rustic Red is a deep crimson.  It went on slightly sheer at first but two coats created an opaque color.  Indoors Rustic Red stayed more of an oxblood color.  

Outdoors Rustic Red caught the sunlight and brightened up appearing almost more of a cherry red.  

Oil Spill is a much more colorful duo chrome shimmer than Space Cadet.  You can see the color shift from purple to green indoors easily on the nail without any angle.  This formula was also sheer but became full in three coats.  

In the sunlight Oil Spill became a very bright shimmery purple.  

At an angle Oil Spill is almost completely green.  I was very impressed with the depth of this polish.  Every light setting or angle showed me something different.  

Sun of a Beach is a textured, matte, gold glitter polish full of large gold hex glitters.  The formula on this polish was absolutely amazing!  It was pretty much a one coater but I added two for good measure.  

In sunlight the matte and glitter have a really beautiful effect.  

You can pick up Icing Nail Polish at your closest Icing.  Even better the traditional Icing Nail Polish bottles are on sale for buy one get one free on their website.  The new square bottles are on sale for buy one get one 50% off.  The New York Fashion Week colors will be released any day now so keep your eyes peeled!

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