Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nail Sauce Go Wild! Collection

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you Feliifels Nail Sauce Go Wild Collection!  This is an indie brand I have seen grow from a little baby seed into what it is now.  I followed Feliifel on instagram since before Nail Sauce launched and have watched her brand flourish.  One of my favorite indie polishes to date is Space Junk by Nail Sauce!

So, of course, it was my honor when Feliifel asked me to review and swatch her newest collection! Her new collection launched this Monday in five shades.

Up first is Hungry Panda.  This polish is a sheer, milky white base the builds as you layer it.  Shown above in three coats this polish becomes opaque on its own.  It is full of small black hex glitters, green bar glitters and huge black hex glitters.  I was worried the large glitters would have corners that poked up but I didn't have any issues after it dried.  The formula was easy to use and the large hexs were easy to pick up.

Flamingo Berry is a sheer light pink base that builds as you layer just like Hungry Panda.  It started off so sheer I wasn't sure that it would become opaque but it got there in three coats.  The pink base is filled with red micro glitters, small purple hexs and a little bit larger sky blue hex glitters.  The blue really sets off the other colors in this polish and as before the formula was just fantastic.  

Pretty Little Peacock is a must have for me!  Blues and teals are my absolute favorite colors and this has it all!  Like the rest of the collection the blue base is sheer and builds to a just-about opaque in three coats.  Stuffed inside are purple microglitters, small teal hexs and medium green hexs.  It is delicate, shimmering and eye catching all in one.  The formula flowed like a dream.  I am so happy Feliifel sent me these in full size so I have this color to last forever!

This polish was a huge surprise for me.   Keep Macawlm & Polish is such a creative and cute name.  Like its namesake all the colors are derived from the Macaw parrot!  The red base is very sheer but surprised me by building up in three coats so I couldn't even see my nail line.  This red is vibrant and bright!  Filled inside are small green hexs, small yellow squares that appear orange with the red overlay and medium blue hexs.  This is so unique a such a great summer color!

Another star from the Go Wild Collection, this is Unicorn.  Unicorn sold out within a few hours of its first stocking.  Luckily for you it is available again so snap this up before it is gone!  Like the other Nail Sauce polishes with white bases, this starts sheer and builds so considerably you'll be surprised.  In this whimsical white base you will find neon pink and green large hexs, medium blue hexs, small purple, red and blue hexs and large red stars.  This polish is the most complex of the collection.  The white base really makes the glitters appear pastel and dreamy.  This is the ONLY polish I have never had to fish around for star glitters before.  They popped right out on the brush just asking to jump onto my nail.  The start edges poked out a bit so I suggest a nice top coat to hold them in.  

All together this collection is amazing when it boils down to the formulas.  Each is better than the last.  The polishes are unique and unlike any I've seen before!  All of them create gorgeous instant jelly sandwiches that you will love.  My favorite from the collection are Pretty Little Peacock, Unicorn and Keep Macawlm & Polish.  Flamingo Berry and Hungry Panda are both amazing polishes in their own right, I just prefer bright colors to soft pinks and white and blacks.  If those are your colors I would definitely suggest them though!  A+ for this collection.

As a special surprise Feliifel has given me a 10% off coupon code just for my readers.  Use the code DLGGOWILD on at checkout to get 10% off your ENTIRE order (it doesn't just have to be Go Wild Collection polishes)!  How could you say no to such an amazing deal and such amazing polish colors?


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