Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Panty Box October Review

I got my first subscription package from My Panty Box!

It came from Spain!  I had no idea it shipped from Spain.  The package was small and white and only said Correos on it which was very discrete.  I was alerted that my package shipped October 5th and it arrived on October 11th.

Here is my video review of me opening the package along with my first impressions of what I got.


If you didn't get it from the video, I LOVE what they sent me!  Blue and lace are two of my favorites!  Here are some close up pics.

Pictured is the small white envelope they mailed on the bottom, the undies and the card.

The lace pattern is really gorgeous!

The main fabric is mostly polyester and spandex, very stretchy.  On the base there is a woven blue trim and the black lace band around the top.

I also love the service.  They ship worldwide.  That's right, now you ladies outside of the U.S. don't have to feel excluded.

They carry size XS-4XL so there is something for everybody.

They have three lines; basic, sexy and premier that you can sign up for a three month subscription, a six month or go all the way up to a year. This pair I got is from the basic line.  They're very affordable.

My favorite factor is that this is a great monthly subscription to have as a little sexy pick me up but also something you could totally worm out of your significant other as a gift!  Hey, it benefits them too!

My Panty Box!!!
My Panty Box!!!
My Panty Box!!!

Definitely check them out by clicking above.  Or to let them know I sent you, you can go to this address:

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  1. I have been waiting for this - I must admit!!! They look great, I may have to look into this)))

    1. I really enjoyed this month! I'm going to see if they can keep impressing me over the next few months. Check out the pictures I just added!