Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nail-Venturous: Floam!

I have always been attracted to swatches of the fabulousity that is Floam.  This polish is a matte glitter polish.  The polish itself isn't matte, the actual glitter pieces are.  There are tiny green, yellow and blue pieces in it that when layered resemble the play material Floam.  You may remember seeing the cheesy, ridiculous Floam commercials on Nickelodeon throughout the entirety of the 90s.

Here it is!

Floamy! My friend Sasha was convinced it was little grains of sand so I broke my macro lens out.  They appear to be very small hexagon shaped glitters.  (Sorry Sasha)

The polish went on very thick, I believe because there is a lot of suspension base in this polish to hold all the glitters.  I put two coats on over OPI's Fly as an underwear coat to create a more solid look but I think I could get complete coverage in three coats without Fly.  

The polish dried very textured, even with a top coat.  Usually glitters wear easily at the tip because they get pulled or chip off but Floam didn't seem to have that problem and it lasted very well! 

Floam is made by Nail-Venturous but is carried by Ninja Polish at  It sells for $9 a bottle when its in stock.  It is very often not in stock but you can sign up on their email list to get an alert when they receive a new shipment for sale. 

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