Friday, June 1, 2012

Feather Nails

I received my beautiful June Julep box yesterday and am in love with this sky blue creme color named Claire!  I decided to spice up the blue with a feather on the accent finger.  To get this look for yourself its very easy!

You will need: Your base color polish, clear polish, craft feathers and a nail scissor.  

1. Paint your nail a base color.  The color can be neutral or white if you want the feather to stick out more.
2. Coat the nail you would like the feather on with clear polish and while it is still wet press the tip of a craft feather onto the nail.  Craft feathers can be found at stores like Michaels, Wal Mart or Target in the craft section.  

3. With your nail scissor, trim the excess feather off.  Finally coat the feather with a clear top coat to seal it in.  

All done! You should have a beautiful and complex manicure that is easy to do at home.

For some variations try using real pheasant or peacock feathers, try sticking the feathers on in different directions or do a feather on every nail.

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