Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christian Louboutin Beaute - Rouge Nail Polish

I don't own my own pair of Louboutins but, just like every other girl in the world I'd kill for a pair. That's probably why Christian Louboutin decided to launch his very own beauty collection starting with nail polish that can also double as a weapon.

News dropped about Christian Louboutin's Beaute nail polish collection on 7/23. You can preorder through Saks Fifth Avenue for the release of Rouge on 8/6 but, if you were lucky enough to be near the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in NYC you could go there and pick up a bottle of Rouge early. You can also pick Rouge up at any of the Louboutin boutiques. 

I ran on my lunch break and snagged a bottle.

Each bottle is housed in a hand-made, patent leather like, red and black box. One side has a raised Louboutin signature.

These bottles are huge with an 8" handle. It takes 22 weeks to make each polish as the 16-faceted glass bottle is finished with a hand-held flame and the box is hand crafted.

The glass bottle itself has a black to clear ombre allowing you to peek through to see the polish color on top.

For $50 a bottle, the bottle just can't be pretty, the formula should rock as well. Louboutin states that this long-wearing, chip resistant formula is highly pigmented with luxe, glossy color and UV protection to keep the color true. Two coats should give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, with a brilliant shine. Rouge is the same pigment of red used on the soles of Louboutin shoes.

Indoor Lighting
Beauty brands say lots of things about their products but this is the first time I feel like something has lived up to the hype.

Rouge is violently beautiful. One coat is full coverage. Yes, it's a one coater! I used two coats because why not. The super long brush handle is heavy making it easy to control. Polish only went where I wanted it. The glossiness of this varnish is highly reflective without a topcoat (I didn't use one). 

Natural Lighting
As August approaches I can't wait to find out more information about the other 30 shades coming out. It looks like Rouge is the star of the collection with the other polish shades having slightly smaller, different colored handles and clear bottles instead of black ombre.

I can justify spending $50 on a bottle of polish since I'm a nail artist but would you take the plunge?


  1. Yes. Because it's beautiful and useful. Plus this is the closest I will come to owning Louboutin anything!

  2. Oh man, this polish looks gorgeous!! Beautiful swatches :)

  3. Oh wow...this is gorgeous. Your swatches are definitely not doing anything to silence my craving for Rouge Louboutin! 0_0

  4. That olive and gold is gorgeous. Maybe even the pink one...

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